Bigloo is a Scheme compiler, and Bigloo-Allegro is a binding of Allegro to Bigloo. Since I probably won't work on it any more, I've decided to just release it as-is.

Here is a list of Allegro examples that were translated: ex3d ex12bit exalpha exbitmap exblend excamera excolmap excustom exdata exdbuf exexedat exfixed exflame exgui exsample exsprite exstars exstream exswitch extimer extrans extruec exunicod exxfade.

Also, there are a few original demos, including a small Fish Invaders game. They are all bundled in the one tarball.

See also: README (6.5k), ChangeLog (4.5k).


Only tested on Linux (and I doubt you could get it to work elsewhere without quite a bit of effort). I used Allegro 4.0.2 and Bigloo 2.5c.


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