version 0.9


aud is the sound format used in many Westwood Studios games. It comes in two flavours: 8 bit and 16 bit. All normal frequencies and mono / stereo channels are supported.

loadaud supports 16 bit auds only. These use the IMA ADPCM compression algorithm and provide 4:1 compression ratio (16bit -> 4bit) with low loss of quality. 8 bit auds use a proprietary algorithm and therefore are unsupported.

loadaud will allow you to load/save aud files into your Allegro programs using SAMPLE structures. It now also supports auds inside grabber datafiles. It is licensed under the zlib licence.

See also: README (4.3k), CHANGES (1.7k).



Go to Vladan's home page and get his aud2wav and wav2aud conversion utilities. (DOS executables)

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