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From site version 3

Nice black pages with The Paw-ish colour scheme. Switched to Camel halfway through, which messed up the code.

19 Mar 2000 - loadaud and AUDlib updated to 0.7 (Unix and Allegro 4.0 support)

27 Jan 2000 - libcda 0.3 released (linux SCSI drive compatibility)

27 Jan 2000 - libcda 0.2 released (windows + real mode dos support)

26 Jan 2000 - libcda created

21 Jan 2000 - XOOM problem is "fixed". Red Pixel has been moved elsewhere, while other references to XOOM have been deleted. If you really can't download from Alphalink, drop me a line.

20 Jan 2000 - XOOM seems to have removed my membership. Until I get this fixed, only download from the Alphalink server will work.

03 Jan 2000 - loadpng 0.3 (mini fix - no, not y2k!)

22 Dec 1999 - loadpng updated to 0.2. SpeedHack page added down below. Cleaned up front page a bit.

23 Nov 1999 - Two new maps for Red Pixel!

06 Nov 1999 - Smell that Unisys? That's the smell of GIFs burning! (okay, so I was a hour late...)

21 Aug 1999 - Red Pixel 0.9 (final) released. Blood factor x 10. Code: LGPL.

15 Apr 1999 - loadpng 0.1 released. Also, off my site, libnet 0.10.3 released!

28 Feb 1999 - AUDlib 0.6b released. Nice bug fixes, plus pause_aud/resume_aud. If you use AUDlib, get it now.

03 Feb 1999 - The Paw alpha 2 (finally!) and Cavern put up

27 Jan 1999 - New version of loadaud fixes two important bugs.

22 Jan 1999 - Put decap back up for download.

20 Jan 1999 - I switched to using Camel. It's cool. Check it out.

14 Jan 1999 - New versions of loadaud (0.6b) and AUDlib (0.6a) with better support for C++.

09 Jan 1999 - If you used a previous version of loadaud, please get loadaud 0.6a. Also: AUDlib 0.6.

06 Jan 1999 - New version of loadaud

29 Dec 1998 - New addon library for Allegro: loadaud

24 Dec 1998 - Added new export list for The Paw. You will need it if you use Allegro 3.1 beta.

23 Dec 1998 - THE PAW IS OUT! (alpha) Check it out. Also uploaded today is a gallery of scratched Raid II map editors.

12 Dec 1998 - Was checking my page stats a couple of days ago, couldn't be bothered going to Webtracker, so I just went to my page, and hey, I was the 3000th hit.

6 Dec 1998 - Got Linux on Friday, thanks to Cybersource. Cleared one gig worth of stuff and installed it. Down with Windows! Anyway, you can probably expect some Linux ports of old Psyk games.

3 Dec 1998 - Don't you just hate it when you're on a roll then you see a new technique or another piece of software that kills your own? Well screw it. The Paw was scratched (not totally) and will now use signals and slots. Discard the ``coming soon'' below. Reason for this is been real interested in Linux and GNU and Gnome. Anyway, got a new Orbital CD today (In Sides) and already played it to death...

13 Nov 1998 - Added ICQ message console in `Contact'

10 Nov 1998 - Three things: 1. We got a new guy, Andre Lofgren. Expect something from him in our next release =) 2. my birthday on the 4th 3. new site (version 3), just for the hell of it! Very low bandwidth friendly; low-res friendly; no-frames friendly; text browser fairly-friendly (i think); over use of tables.

From site version 2 (1998)

The bad old days with frames and JavaScript and backgrounds.

12 October - Argh, the new layout (as seen in AUDlib) looks too good :) Reformatted the Red Pixel page the same way. No new content though.

11 October - Psyk Software web site is ONE YEAR OLD! And only 2500 hits :( Anyway, got a new library for yers: AUDLIB. Plays DUNE2000 music, yay! And an insight to what the upcoming site might look like.

26 July - Red Pixel updated

11 July - Wow, it's been a long time since the last update. It's the end of my holidays :( Well, for checking here, you get a brand NEW GAME!! Yes, that's NEW in yellow text! Go check out Red Pixel, and see why I named it as such.

Side note: Raid II map editor is almost complete. This time with TRIGGERS! Then finally on to the game engine! But the page isn't updated yet...

Unfortunately I lost the rest.

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