version 0.1


SnowBall is a clone of a game called JezzBall, ©1992 Dima Pavlovsky, and part of the Windows Entertainment Pack.

The object of SnowBall is to trap Evil Bouncing Snowballs in the smallest possible regions on the playing grid, by growing walls. You advance a level once the grid is reduce by 75% of its original size. Each time you advance a level, an additional snowball is added to the game, and you are given more time and another life. Lives are reset at the beginning of each level.

The more snowballs in play, the higher the scores you can gain. You are also awarded points for any remaining time and extra point if you manage to complete a level without losing a life.

Play the game and you'll see.

SnowBall was written by David Wang.

[screen shot]


You also need Allegro. See the bottom half of this page for easy installation instructions.

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