The Paw



The Paw was an attempt to build a cooperative multitasking, graphical desktop environment under DOS, using Allegro and DJGPP. After switching to Linux and X11, and a few problems involving DLX, I gave up, but some of the code is still usable, in particular the windowing kernel and widget set (which you will have to strip out yourself).

Please note that it is abandoned . If you email me about it I will not ignore you, but I won't have much to say about it.

Screen shot

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what is running in this screen shot


Sorry, removed because I don't have enough disk space on my ISP's server. I may put it back, but really, nobody is interested.

3rd party libraries

Required to compile the source distribution.

Note that The Paw is very outdated, so you'll probably need older versions of these libraries. You also need an older version of gcc (2.7.2).

In short, good luck!

Project ideas

If you would like something to do, here are some hints:

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